Working Methodologies

Accessing the roots of those living in public

Members of the Issarachon Foundation have simulated in into the areas near the Royal Palace, commonly known as ‘Sanam Luang’ and have strived to meet, get connect with, and talk to people who stay out in the public to find intense information about them and situations that make them homeless. Some of the ways to find information, but not limited to, include:

  1. Surveying the area.
  2. Creating basic familiarity within the area.
  3. Talking to small groups of people in the area.
  4. Talking to small groups of people outside of the area.
  5. Forming groups to brainstorm ideas about the area.
  6. Providing immediate services in the area.
  7. Providing mobile counseling units.
  8. Setting up an established service point for counseling.

The immediate first identified problems of those living in the public include the confirmation of registration of Thai national citizenship status to observe and obtain the rights of being a Thai citizen, to receive the benefits under the constitution. The second identified problem includes building the confidence to find work to develop them in the future.

Mobilizing the participation of all sectors of society to jointly mitigate the problem

To fix or alleviate the problem of those living in public or homeless people, it is important to have the participation of all sectors of society; the public and private sectors, including the business corporations. There is a great need for the public sector to take a major step in the process to resolve and alleviate this problem, for the continuous betterment and sustainability of the society. This also include using prior success medium or methods to solve the problems, reviewing, modifying and using new techniques to tackle the conditions which are changing with time.