The Sanam Luang Project

  1. The ‘Sanam Luang’ Project involves taking care of those living in the public in Rajadamnoen Klong area of the plaza every Tuesday and Friday from 13:00 to 18:00 p.m. Specifics include taking care of the quality of life, in terms of providing consultation, basic medication, food and clothes.
  2. The ‘Return Home’ Project. – this involves volunteers counseling with people who live in the public, and encouraging to return home. Cooperation by related organizations and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, are sought for this project to meet success.
  3. Mobile Medical Assistant Project – this involves distribution common medicine such as mosquito repellents, Tylenol, analgesics, balm to people who live in the public. Simple wound dressing services are also available.
  4. Meal Provision Project – this involves donations of meal services to those living in the public. Meal service cover at least 300 – 500 people each month.
  5. Temporary Tent Shelter Project – this project (supported 10 families under Pinklao Bridge) provides shelter to homeless families with health, hygiene and care services, by discouraging to living and sleeping on streets.
  6. Information / Education Project – this session involves the regular meeting of volunteers to share their learning experiences and insights about people who live in the public and also to try to brainstorm measures to counter this problem.
  7. Career training opportunities – to provide developmental training in career options.
  8. Thai citizen identification status – this project involves assist those living in the public to get their new Thai identification card or renew them; get them registered and benefits from the rights of being a citizen.
  9. Survival goodies bag for friends in public – this involves taking in donations to create basic goodies survival kits and distributing to those living in public to improve quality of life.1604651_626846120716511_1298256704_nDSCF1368