Issarachon Foundation Policies

Policies to support the social sector

Issarachon Foundation strives to work to develop policies to support the social sector in both public and private areas, in cooperation with the officials and information from the Bangkok metropolitan area, in greater Bangkok and other nearby provinces. Issarachon Foundation offers support in the form of report of circumstances and input in formation of development for the better community as follows:

  1. Policy development – support the promotion of the development of the community, whereby representatives of various communities (in both public and private sectors) can input, participate and generate ideas for welfare of the society.
  2. Welfare policy – support the management of social welfare, emphasizing coordination between relevant agencies, and encouraging them to reach their target audience. Working for the benefit of the disadvantage people in society and living in the public.

Policy on academic support services

Issarachon Foundation aims to provide academic support services in various forms such as providing information to volunteers, training them in the field and facilitating consultation services with different institutions, including giving education lectures to create awareness of the situation of those living in the public.

Policy on organization development

Issarachon Foundation works to develop the skills and knowledge of volunteers who work for the organization pertaining to the principals of effective human resources criterion set for the people who intend to work for the foundation. Volunteers intend to work for the organization go through an intensive selection process regulated by the association.