1. To support further work to improve the quality of life for those living in public.
  2. To promote education, learning, and development of children, youth and communities who live in public.
  3. The promotion and protection of human rights of those who lives in public.
  4. To promote the good health of families and communities of those who live in public.
  5. To promote quality of life in elderly people of those who live in public.
  6. To promote the existence of a multicultural society, nature and the environment associated with the use of public life.
  7. To promote the dissemination of knowledge, research, AIDS prevention, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  8. To encourage innovation, research and education for social research.
  9. To promote the participation of civil society in developing the lifestyle of those who live in public.
  10. To promote the ideals of young people, and encourage the volunteer spirit in service to society.
  11. To support and work with other charitable organizations for the best interest of those who live in public.
  12. To promote a democratic government with the King as Head of State.