History of Issarachon Foundation

The Issarachon Foundation is an organization that works with the less fortunate, living in the public or ‘homeless’ individuals in the society. The group started in the form of volunteer work since 2539 and by the year 2548 moved into the registration of a foundation known as VACA. The foundation acts a bridge that connects volunteers or people who want to get involved in doing something good for society, with individuals who lack opportunity, are in crisis or in need.

The foundation also initiates connectivity through leaning and helping with the activities in the society. The Issarachon Foundation was formed by a group of volunteers who initially worked for different organizations related to children and young adults. Most of these volunteers were involved on a part-time basis with the Issarachon Foundation. Through the years, the foundation has opted for support for its initiatives from the World Bank (Branch Thailand). These initiates involves the support of funding in activities to develop life skills of the disadvantaged and those affected by the economy, helping street children acquire a better life; increase awareness and knowledge about drugs, AIDs, and sexually transmitted diseases.

The organization was registered on 7 January 2548 (Thai calendar) under the name ‘Voluntary Activity Creation Association’ or VACA and then later renamed at Issarachon Foundation in 18 October 2012. The organization has over a decade experience and commitment to improving the quality of life of those living in the public.